Rumors have bubbled up this week about the release of a possible Apple AR and VR headset in late 2022. Based on research notes from a noted industry analysis Mac Rumors suggest we may see the hotly anticipated device from Apple at the end of next year. This joins the already teased Project Cambria from Facebook, as not to miss hardware for 2022.

The purported device would be a standalone system powered by Apple’s own silicon which has been moving ahead at full steam of late, focusing on delivering high performance on mobile platforms. The trajectory of Apple’s in house CPUs suggest they very much see their future on such devices.

The story from Mac Rumors suggests Apple see their ultimate future as one without the iPhone at all – potentially as soon as just a decade away; in it’s place would be the rumored all new AR device. As with all things Apple, nothing official has been confirmed, and is unlikely to be at all until the very last minute.

In the interim we’re intrigued by the supposed device that will be packed with powerful Apple made CPUs, Wi-Fi 6E technology and twin 4K Micro OLED displays from Sony. And of course, made by Apple means the fit and finish and user experience will likely be the best in the business.


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